My Big Boy!

He is 5.

He lost his first tooth this past Sunday morning and I was a crazy woman being all sentimental about it.  But how can I not? He is my first born.

My son.

I would ask the normal question like – where does the time go?

But I know – the time goes in the minutes, the hours, the days and weeks that make up a year, and before you know it adult teeth are pushing up baby ones and reminding you that its happening.  He is growing up.  He is becoming a big boy and prayerfully one day a Man.

I can’t and don’t want to stop it, just maybe hit pause now and again to soak in the memories – in my heart and mind.  Look at him intently and hold him extra tight.  Make sure the summer is full of memories because Kindergarten starts in the fall *sigh.

Soak him in and give thanks at all times – even the hard ones.

So what is a Mom to do when her son loses his first tooth – celebrate! Smile really big and hold back the tears as he dances around the room jumping and smiling and shouting about him becoming a big boy now.  Take a picture to commemerate the moment then text it out to family and friends, plus show it around to people at church (because they love that). Then declare it a day – big boy day! (one of many) – bake cookies and and have a 3 movie marathon of Spy Kids after church! Then just sit back and watch and thank God for blessing us with a such a boy – energetic, caring, super hero loving, best friend declaring without even knowing their name – big boy!

My big boy

Don’t he look just like me? 🙂