Cluttered mind – I can’t focus

Cluttered fridge – There’s nothing for dinner

Cluttered closet – Nothing to wear

Cluttered home – Never looks clean

This is my life.  So much to do and so much stuff its paralyzing. Not much gets accomplished well or on time, money gets wasted on food, I don’t utilize the clothes i have, and i’m discouraged and overwhelmed by  the constant state of our home.

I have tried to work on these things here and there but have never commited a year to making it happen – To Simplify.

I’ve already begun the process in the main and most important area of my life – time with the Lord (will share about that later), but I am intentionally doing other things starting February (the beginning of my new year). I needed January to recover from the holidays and process and plan.  So today is the day! You excited? Me too!

My Challenges:

As much as I need and like structure I can’t have too much that it stifles me.  I’m a creative so I equally need freedom.  I don’t like to feel like the structure controls me.  I don’t want nothing “controling” me but the Holy Spirit.

I’m also a planner – I LOVE TO PLAN! It gives me so much hope and prospective.  But the downside is i can feel like the work is done once the planning is done – ummm, no sweetheart.

I need help and accountability with the follow through and to stick to it.  I also need focus, because i will get distracted by other shiny objects/projects and by March not only will I have totally abandoned the plan but came up with a new one altogether to fit my new whim – i’ve got issues.

This is also a very tangible goal.  Last year my word was present – and that was more of a state of mind goal and I maybe should have kept a journal to keep track of how I really did. But this time at the end of the time span there should be physical and mental results/fruit that this was a success or a epic fail. Which i think is a good thing – because in any goal setting you have to know how to measure the success – i learned that from my husband, he’s so smart *swooning (intelligence is attractive people).

So those are my challenges – and you know what? – i’m not completly sure of the answers. I have gathered some resources that i will share with you that are helping me and let you know my specific goals – but this all is a process.

So welcome to the process of this crazy dance of me simplifying – the planning and figuring it out as I go.  I hope that you are able to learn something from me in the process and give me some advice that might help this crazy lady  on the other side of the computer *two thumbs pointed at myself.