Just a Pinch

Hey There! Happy New Year!

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Yeah, I know its been a while.

I didn’t finish strong on the writing 31 days goal of October, but I got way farther than I ever have, I mean ever ever – so I’m not extremely disappointed – just a pinch. After that, life and holidays happened and so nothing else – and I’m ok with that too, yet disappointed just a pinch because I don’t want to be in and out on this space so much.

I’m embracing both the grace and truth. And the truth is that if I feel the Lord wants me to write in this space then that’s what I should be doing.  He knows His why and i need to trust.

As you can see,  things look a bit different around these parts and there will be more changes to come on the other pages within.  I felt my blog needed to breathe just a pinch.  In my home I long for less clutter and more white space and I enjoy that feeling on other blogs also, so I’ve implemented it here on my little apartment on the web.

Whats coming up?:

I have so many posts in my head that i can barely think straight – I need to just get. it. out.  This blog is just as much about my processing as it is about spurring you on. So when stuff gets stuck in there my brain feels constipated.  I’m a verbal processor so my poor friends get a ear full, i mean full fledge diarrhea on em.  I need to share!  In the next few weeks here are a few things that will be rolling out.

– My word for the year (I know you can hardly wait)

– Atlanta Life (Its been almost 6 months y’all)

– Monday Moments (need to start that back up – with all its funny randomness)

all that and just a pinch more as I continue to write here to process and spur you on to grow in wisdom and build. 


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