Monday Moments

As I begin typing this it is 9:47pm and my bedtime is 10:00pm.  So I have about 10 minutes to say 2 words and elaborate on them.

We’re Exhausted

My husband worked a conference this past weekend and when i say worked i mean like he would leave at like 6:45am and not make it home til midnight.  We have one car so when he left I was pretty much homebound with 2 boys.

We’re Exhausted


I have opened my computer more than a few times today but it was never for the purpose of writing anything.  I checked Facebook and email and blogs and I even researched a new theme design for my blog – but no writing happened.

We’re Exhausted

What I did accomplish today was watching the movie Mom’s Night Out!  Which was pretty funny and the main Mom character was a blogger who began the movie with 3 followers and after one post, ended the movie with 250 :/

My brain does not want to think deep about anything.  I desire to finish strong with this series on change and transition and I will but .  .  .

We’re Exhausted

And i don’t want to throw together something for the sake of getting it done and its not helpful to anyone.  So I’m giving myself grace and rest.  So with that, its 10:02 and I’m about to go to bed, then wake up in the morning and NOT think about writing – just taking care of my husband, because he is not feeling well (y’all he worked hard this weekend) and clean my house and play with my boys.  I will be back soon to continue  the conversation on growing in the midst of change and transition.  We will be talking about Worry.


2 Replies to “Monday Moments”

  1. I love your transparency. Sooooo many mommies and wives can relate. Hang in there. One day you will be less exhausted… at least that’s what folks keep telling me. 🙂

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