Day 23: My Boys

You want to talk about change that happens right before your eyes  .  .  .


Went shopping with them today and we stopped for some Starbucks .  .  .

Check out the milk mustache .  .  .

These cut outs at Atlantic Station where a hit .  .  .


Right before my eyes they have changed.  Transitioning and growing every single day.  Some most days I take them changing for granted, but that doesn’t mean it stops.  Time stands still for no one, so since it won’t stop then I must pause.  Pause and really soak them in.  Really looking at their faces and listen to their incoherent sentences.  Give them kisses for absolutely no reason that they can tell.  But I know why, because one day they won’t let me.  One day they will be grown men with families of their own and I will be kissing my grandbabies.  And I will tell embarrassing stories about them.  I will also share with their wives how everything they are going through is normal.  The tantrums because they don’t want to sit in their seat in the stroller, the whining because they don’t want to hold their banana peel anymore, and the unreasonable tears over a tablespoon of spilled hot chocolate.  Yep, all normal (and all happened this morning in-between the taking of these pictures).

They grow – they change from babies, to toddlers, to preschoolers, to kindergarteners, to tweens, to teens, to high school grads and college bound. Before we know it they are men.  I’ve seen it happen with my nieces and nephews so I know it goes.  The days are long but the years are short.  Pause, look, love, cry, be overwhelmed, but live and do life with them!  Because we don’t stop growing either.  We are growing and changing right along with them. And just like we don’t want to wake up one day and not know them – we don’t want to wake up and not know ourselves either.

I’m off to go do life with my boys – we’re making ice cream sandwiches with chocolate chip cookies – yum!


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