Day 21: Recap & Whats To Come


Hey there! It is Day 21 and i’m still here! Yep still here writing and posting every. day.

Today i thought it would be a good idea to recap where we have been on this journey of growing in the midst of change and transition these past 21 days then share a bit about what the remaining 10 days will look like.

When we started this journey we talked about why its important to even look at change and transition as an opportunity to grow.  In order to grow there are things and people we have to say YES to, to even begin to embrace the growth process in change.  But just like there are things to say yes to there are things we need to say NO to in order to surrender and not be paralyzed.

Then we discussed not being afraid of making a wrong decision in the midst of change and because of all the decision making and just stress that can go along with the process that it is vital to rest.

After that there where a couple of days of celebration and talk about transitioning to a new age. Then we hit on Reality being our friend so accepting and being able to, regardless of what circumstance of change and transition you find yourself in, to give thanks.

Since then we have had two amazing guest posts from my friends Yana and Kim.  They shared what God has taught them in the midst of their own story of change and transition.

We have two more guest posts coming up again this Friday and Saturday from my friends Courtenay and Melody.  You won’t want to miss them.  In between now and then I will be guest posting at Deeper Waters talking about being the New Girl in a new city.  After that we will talk about worry and anxiousness in the midst of change and transition.

Finally we will bring a close to the serious stuff and get to some of the change that I consider fun and I look forward to – like the seasons, my wardrobe, eating habits etc.

I hope you are being challenged by and are enjoying this series and I look forward to finishing strong – y’all pray 🙂


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