Day 20: MONDAY MOMENTS – Laundry

Hey there! Good morning!  Have you had your coffee, tea or morning water yet? Great! Me too.

Soooooo what are you doing today, on this fine Monday?

Oh really, that sounds cool, maybe.

Want to see what i’m doing  .  .  .



And not just the daily/weekly laundry but the – my kids are growing, wearing high water pants and shirts that cut off at there elbow instead of wrist, plus the season is changing laundry.

“My favorite” – says no one i’m friends with.

This is the task that happens at least 4 times a year as the season changes and we try to figure out these 6 categories:

1. what will they still be able to wear next summer

2.  what should i save from Josiah that Elisha could wear

3. Should we save Elisha’s stuff “just in case”

4. What should we give away

5.  What should we throw away

6. Inventory the new season of clothes they do have to see what needs to be bought

Oh the joy as i chase the little body around the house asking him to try on a 18 month shirt “just to see” even though he is a 2T.

Moms everywhere feel me and i’m sure those who have more than 2 really know the struggle – you are my heroes.

If any of you Moms have figured out a easy/easier way to do this please share.  But right now this is what we are working with.  We got a big part of the process done this weekend but now i must get off the www and get to finishing it because Mommy has clothes of her own to sort through but my categories or a bit simpler .  .  .

1. what i can wear now

2. what can I wear after I lose 10 -25 pounds.

See simple – but complicated on a different level called denial :/

Before i’m off to get to it i want to do something very crucial for my good and hopefully yours.


I’m grateful my kids have clothes

I’m grateful that through the years people have given us clothes for them

I’m grateful that we are able to do the same and give clothes to others

I’m grateful our boys are heathy and growing and them growing out of there clothes is sign of that

I’m grateful that Old Navy and The Gap had great sales this past weekend to fill in the gaps in all of our fall wardrobes 🙂

Happy Laundry Day!


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