Day 15: Reality


Change hit me in the face like a truck hitting a brick wall and honestly its taking a lot in me just to write this post.

I would rather be napping or twisting my hair.

But . . .

1.) I’ve made a commitment to grow just like i’m challenging you. And a part of growing is continuing to face the reality of change, process it and NOT avoid it. (Oh how i want to just avoid it)

2.) I made a commitment to write everyday.  I understand there is grace so i’m not walking in law here. There may come a day this month where I can’t post and that will be fine, but today is not that day.

So with that said I guess you may want to know what change hit me.

Changes in my capacity and my family’s realities.  These aren’t overnight changes.  The overnight change was us living in Raleigh one day and Atlanta the next.  Working for a campus ministry one day then a Church the next.  Transition is whats been happening every day since and in between.

“Reality is my friend” – such a true statement but today its a friendship that I would like to end or at least take a break from, delete her number and everything.

So what’s my reality .  .  .

I need to accept our new family and ministry realities. Stop reminiscing and operating like we did when we lived in Raleigh.  We are no longer a “both work from home” couple. Going grocery shopping with my boys has to happen more often. Weekday planning mornings at my favorite local coffee shop is not an option – Saturday is though (thank you Honey).

Lose the superwoman cape and come to grips with my capacity. Say NO, more.  Seriously tell people no (nicely) and projects that overwhelm.  In hind site i probably should have no to 31days and yes to 20days cause thats more MY capacity :).  Ask for help. Seriously lay down my pride and not wanting to be a burden to people and ask for help. That alone could solve the grocery store with 2 wild boys problem. (cause someone has offered)

Put God, my husband and my children back as priority where they belong. Nuff said.

In case you think that all changes have been rough I will return tomorrow and share the changes that I am extremely grateful for in the midst of the challenging. But as for now I really do need to go twist my hair – it looks a hot mess so it needs a change for real.


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