Day 14: Reflections On Change From My Birthday

I wrote on Saturday how we have a choice to look at our birthdays as a time to lament or a time to celebrate all the ways we have changed and grown over the years.  I had a perfect connecter of events to do this.

On friday night I had dinner with friends that i’ve known since i first lived in Atlanta around 11 years ago.  These ladies were my rock.

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We all went to the same University in Mississippi but I only really knew one of them because she was my RA.  They moved to Atlanta before I did so when i moved here i already had a set of people to call friends (by association).  Over the 2 years I lived here they truly did become my friends and eventually roommates.

During that time I was single, doing a internship with a campus ministry, then working at Carmax to pay off debt so that i could join staff with that ministry.

11 years later we sat together with me having left staff with that ministry, married with 2 kids and a stay home Mom.

Wow how things had changed – how i had grown.  It was a great opportunity to reflect on those things.  Change.  We all sat around the dinner table different women than we were when we first met. The blessing was that it was change for the better.  Not to say that between us their were no mistakes or regrets, I’m sure plenty – but growth in all of us was evident which showed that we didn’t allow those things to hold us down, at least not for too long anyway.

On Saturday I spent time with my friend Erin

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I’ve known her since she was a student in the campus ministry I worked with. She also worked with that ministry for a while and now works at the same church Moe and i do.  How fun and sweet for the Lord to allow us to be in the same city.

She took me on an adventure that ended at a local coffee shop where many of my new friends waited to surprise me.  It was great!.

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I feel blessed that i live in a city where I have friends.  Friends who’ve known me for a long time, that we can pick up where we left off and we now get a chance to reinvest in our friendship since i live here again.  And friends that are new, that i get to learn about and know them and be known in this new season.

I ended the day with a hot days with the hubby at a local restaurant.

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It was great to spend time with him and for us to get to discuss the highlights of this past year.  I have grown because of my Husband and I look forward to spending many more birthdays in his arms and under his leading.

On Sunday we go a visit from my sweet friend Melissa and her family who were in town for vacation.  Melissa and I became friends my first year in Raleigh.  We met at MOPS and realized we lived near each other, they had recently moved to NC from Ohio (where my husband is from) so we were both new to the city.  The Lord connected us and we were grateful – he knew we needed each other during that time.  He also connected our boys who became fast best friends.

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Melissa is a reminder that God always provides the relationships that I need when I need them when i am open to receive and give.

I appreciated all the birthday wishes on Facebook and phone calls from dear friends and family.  Celebrating 36 was great!


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