Monday Moments: Bacon & Bread

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A few weeks ago I picked up some pork belly  from the farmers market to aid in a dream of my husband to come true – to make his own bacon.  Its a tedious process that calls for this pink curing salt that was really hard to find locally.  He rubs this season mixture that he found the recipe for online along with that salt, puts it in the fridge and flips it everyday for 7 days.  Thats dedication.

I was a bit neutral about the whole process because my thought was bacon is bacon – right?. Wrong.  OMG it was good. Yesterday he smoked it, we sliced it and fried it in a pan and my some timey  picky eater boys devoured the bacon and I was mad cause i needed to cut more and fry it because i only got one piece.

So when one has home cured bacon that is that amazing, it calls for the ultimate sandwich – a BLT.  So while we were at the farmers market this morning i picked up these beauties .  .  .


then I baked homemade bread, because one just doesn’t eat such marvelous bacon with regular store bought bread.

I know it seems as if we are getting a bit fancy here, but no worries – i picked up some ketchup (because we were out) to put on it.  No fancy sauce or anything.  I just like mayo, ketchup, and a bit of cracked pepper on the tomatoes.  Mouth.  Watering.

The finished product was artery clogging goodness that is great in moderation, but not for everyday consumption.

We can take for granted the process it takes to make bacon and bake bread because they are things you can go to most any supermarket and purchase.  When you put the work into it yourself it can take a regular BLT and make it into something AMAZING! You taste the effort and it makes you proud.

This i’m sure has some sort of lesson learned that we can apply to some everyday life situation, and i will probably think about what that is tonight when lay down and go to sleep or wake early in the morning (because that’s when all my genius thoughts occur).  But right now nothing comes to mind because all i can think about is eating this sandwich .  .  .

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

So while I enjoy the fruits of our labor, I invite you to share in the comments below a application point that may have come to your mind.


4 Replies to “Monday Moments: Bacon & Bread”

  1. That sandwich sounds amazing. I know the quick route is not always the best route. Sometimes it’s far better to put in the extra effort and take your time to get the best results. That’s how I feel about my journey to debt freedom. As much as I desire to get out of debt as fast as possible the Lord is making me do the hard work of discipline and I know that the results will be more gains in the area of discipline and trusting God than the shallow results of depending on myself to take care of me.

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