Day 10: Rest


rest: to cease work or movement in order to relax, refresh oneself, or recover strength.

Rest is Good.

Rest is Needed.

Rest is Healthy.

Rest can be Hard.

These statements are true in life in general but especially in the midst of big change and transition. There is so much rumbling inside our hearts and head and so much that needs to get done so the last thing we feel there is time for is to retreat.

Because of my neglect in this area during a stressful decision making time in our process  – I had a couple anxiety attacks.  That was a rude awaking to what was not only going on with my emotions but also this proved to me how much our emotional health affects our physical.

I don’t know what rest looks like for you but here are a few questions to process to figure it out.

What places do you enjoy going to?

What do you like to do or not do?

Who are energy giving people that you like to be with?

If you feel you don’t have time, what things can you stop doing or put on hold in order to make rest a priority?

How can you teach your children to rest?

Here is how I broke it down for myself.

Daily: Early morning before family is up, left end of the couch.  I like to leave the lamp on at night so when i arrive to that spot in the morning its as if God is welcoming me.

Weekly:  Coffee shop to read what i want to.  When I lived in Raliegh I had a favorite shop and seat to sit in.  I’m in search for that place here in Atlanta.

Monthly:  PJ Day – a day where as a family we don’t go anywhere – just hang out around the house, watch netflix, eat popcorn, take naps when the boys do.  No plans.  No agenda.

Also, girlfriend time – this one is more of bimonthly thing but at least once a month is necessary

Annual:  Some sort of women’s conference or retreat.  Its a time for me to get away without husband and kids and just be refreshed.

As you can see, rest for me means spending time with God – the ultimate rest giver.  And being around people – I’m a weird extravert, at times I like being around people but not interacting with them because it does not energize me.  This is why coffee shops are my favorite.

Rest for me also means spending good times with friends, the ones who are good listeners and ask good questions, because i’m a verbal processor and a group of them just talking about whatever and not going too deep.

I hope you will take some time to day to may a rest plan for yourself. Talk with your roommates, friends, and spouse about how to make sure this happens and share your why.  Rest rejuvenates me to be a much better wife, mom, sister and friend.


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