Monday Moments: Dishwasher Disdain


Monday Moments are posts when I ramble/share a piece of our everyday from a Monday.  

Today and every Monday in October I’m taking a pause in the series on Growing In The Midst of Change and Transition for a little light-hearted rambling :).  Tomorrow I will be back to share about Saying No To Control.  But today its all about the dishes.

I don’t like putting away dishes. There I said it. It is a necessary everyday thing that must be done but it is not my favorite.  Of all the things around the house that can be done this is definitely the least of things that I would prefer to do.  I’m not exactly sure why – maybe its because we didn’t grow up with a dishwasher – but that couldn’t be the case because i still had to put up dishes from the draining rack after washing them by hand and even then it was not my favorite.

This morning was one of those times were it. took. forever.  And it was sorta by choice.  When I want to hurry and challenge myself to get tasks done quickly, i turn the timer on the microwave and try to beat it.  This morning I wasn’t even motivated to do that.

So as my boys ate their cereal and my husband prepared his lunch, I said mean things under my breath to the dishwasher because 1. i don’t like putting away dishes (that fact has been established) 2. The majority of them were NOT CLEAN.  I know what you are thinking  – i can hear the accusations of me being a non pre washer – And you would be correct.  I do not believe in washing my dishes before i wash them.  This too can be due to the fact that we grew up without one and i washed all my dishes by hand.  Looking forward to the day when i would have a dishwasher to do this for me. But no, I believe that they should be called Dish-sanitizers if it is my job to wash them.

When my Mom was visiting and she witnessed me rinsing the dishes (not washing) before putting them in the “dish-sanitizer” she voiced her confusion with this also and i was a bit embarrassed at the act and felt a bit judged to the point losing my country girl edge. Which there is some validity to but that is for another monday moment.

So after 30 or more minutes I was almost done, granted in between that time one of my children decided to slowly fall out of his chair face first on the floor and just lay there due to the despair of a dropped banana.  I have a picture but i won’t do that to him. Seriously? Moe and I just looked at him for while in bewilderment at what was happening before us. But i do that sometimes myself – I just want lay on the floor, face down. Honestly i could have laid right there beside when i realized that the there was still egg residue on a spoon, UGH!

After I reloaded the dishwasher this finally happened .  .  .

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

I mades me a cappuccino – i think thats what this would be called.  Whatever, its 2 shots of expresso with steamed milk and froth.  This did make it all better.  Ready for a few hours at the Georgia Aquarium.  I will finish the dishes when I return.

What everyday household chore is your least favorite?


2 Replies to “Monday Moments: Dishwasher Disdain”

  1. i hate all the chores. I’m the only child at home so I have to clean this huge house by myself and work 10 hours 4 days a week. I just want some help. Either way I like your timer idea and great music helps a ton

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