Growing In The Midst of Change And Transition


Table of content for this series is at the bottom.

Change and transition are a norm of life whether we greet it with cheer and the promise of adventure (like i did pre-marriage with kids) or with dread, fear, or something to just get past to get to the “next thing”.

We face it each day, big or small.

“Big”, like getting married or divorced, getting a new job or losing the one you have, moving or staying when it seems everyone else is going.

“Small”, like the seasons from summer to fall, the changes in your sweet baby’s features, or the slow gain or loss of weight.

Since change and transition are inevitable and are all around us they are great opportunities for growth.

Not just the kind of growth that is superficial where we pull ourselves up by our own bootstraps or that will just teach us how to cope and put on a happy face.  But the kind of growth that is genuine and lasting because it is rooted in God’s Word and it draws us closer to Him.

How do i know this to be true? I’m experiencing it right now in my life.  Of course the everyday small changes like it now becoming Fall (which is my favorite season!), and we just celebrated my oldest child turning 5 – yes 5!! – I feel like i just gave birth to him last week – sorta.

But the change that has really been taken me for a whirl is us changing jobs and moving – those are the 2 big changes – the transition is what happened in between.

Sooooo much has happened and I have so much to share about what God is doing in my heart and wants to do in yours. I/we have grown and am growing – I will be writing about some of it for the next 31 days.  But this 31 days won’t be just about that journey but also about the other seasons we grow in and the other changes that happen in our lives.

We will also hear from a couple of my friends who will share about their growth in the midst of change and transition or the lack there of. I also plan to throw in some other fun topics like changes in style, eating habits and my home!

I’m excited to have you go on this journey with me! You can always come back to this page to see the outline as we go each day. Make sure to subscribe or follow me on social media to be notified of new posts.

Join us back here tomorrow as we really kick this thing off and I talk about .  .  . Why Grow?

Day 2 Why Grow?

Day 3 Saying Yes To The Journey Ahead

Day 4 Saying Yes To My Husband

Day 5 Truth For Growth: Deuteronomy 31:8

Day 6 Monday Moments: Dishwasher Disdain

Day 7 Saying No To Control

Day 8 Saying No To A Fear That Paralyzes

Day 9: Desiring A Straight Path

Day 10:  Rest

Day 11:  Transitioning To A New Age

Day 12: Truth for Growth: Isaiah 41:13

Day 13: Monday Moments: Bacon & Bread

Day 14: Reflections On Change From My Birthday

Day 15: Reality

Day 16: Give Thanks In All Circumstances

Day 17: The Tale of Three Moving Trucks


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