change and transition

photo (8)change and transition

Those two words accurately describe the past few months for me and our family. Since January we have been in transition praying and discerning God’s will for our life, then making a decision, then going in a different direction than was decided, then preparing for that move by telling our friends and family, packing our home, finding a new one, then actually moving.  All the while dealing with the emotions and stress that come along with that.

Leaving what you know and have known for years is hard.

We left staff with a ministry that we served with for over a decade.  We made lifelong friends and learned so much during those years.  Heck, we even met each other during that time.  It was hard to say goodbye but exciting and a bit scary to say yes to the future.  To say yes to the leading of the Lord calling us in a different direction.  To step out on faith with each turn. And then to finally end up in a place and know without a doubt that it is definitely not the “end” but in fact an amazing beginning.

So here we are, living in Atlanta and my husband working at Blueprint Church and me being a full-time stay home Mom while also serving at the church.

We decided during the process not to share things publicly due to many factors including the fact that we wanted to let people know personally – not find out through social media.  Even after we did share, i knew i needed to just be present (my word for the year) with my family and myself, the Lord, and close friends as I walked through the change and transition. That has been the best, and now I am ready to return to this space and my other social media outlets.

There is truly so much to share about the process and what God has and is teaching me and I am bursting (or maybe just oozing a bit) to share.  I have been in preparation to do blog post about it everyday in the month of October with The Nester and her 31 days challenge! I’ve been working on my outline and inviting other people to join me to guest post.  I believe it is going to be a blessing – I am getting excited! The name of the series will be  .  .  .

31 Days of Growing in The Midst of Change and Transition

I hope you will check it out. If you want to be notified when I post make sure to subscribe by email or follow me on my other social media outlets by clicking the links in the sidebar. Thanks Ya’ll


10 Replies to “change and transition”

  1. So excited for you and your family! I hear so many great things about Blueprint Church. One of my former ministry leaders recently got married and has joined her husband at Blueprint to help with their youth ministry (Jakip and Saba Mallory). And I’m excited about doing The Nester’s blog challenge myself! Thanks for sharing what’s been going on with you.

    1. Wow, i will ask my husband. I’m at the church on Tuesday mornings so i’m sure i’ve seen them – i’m horrible with connecting names and faces. Have you decided on a topic for 31 days? This is the first one i have actually prepared for – I didn’t even tried last year because i was going to Allume and the year before that I tried (didn’t link up) but failed miserably lol.

    1. Kristin!!! I saw on instagram that you are going to hopeologie live! Thats so fun. I met The Nester at Allume last year (took a pic with her) she is super kind. If I was still in Raleigh i would soooo try to hop in the car (or the hood) with you to go =)

      1. She is super nice and so normal. I couldn’t go to the barn event last year and so thankful I can go this year!

  2. Wow. You’re not the only one going through change and transition. So am I. I love the fact that the Lord always has someone in my life, close or not, that I can relate to, and we’re in the same boat, but going in different paths. God’s guidance is what I’m sticking with. Every day I get closer. I’m almost there! Btw, I’m excited for the 31 Days. Thank you so much for posting.

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