Longing To Be Rescued

I’ve been studying through the book of Nehemiah with other ladies on the  She Reads Truth site and we finished yesterday.

Spoiler alert: things don’t end so well. The people of God go back to their own ways despite all that God has done for them again, and despite their promises to do better and obey God’s law again. You know where this is going right? We all have done the very same thing to God in our relationship with Him.  We know what He has done for us and we have good intentions so we make promises we can’t keep.

To do better.

To love God.

To give more.

To have no other god before Him.

We try really really hard, then we fail – maybe.

We don’t fail when we have a better understanding of what God did for us. When we understand that we cannot in ourselves obey God’s laws. Maybe Nehemiah ends the way it does to prove just that.  In ourselves with no empowering help from the Holy Spirit we are prone to do our own thing. Nehemiah ends leaving us longing for Jesus, showing us that the Israelites could not fulfill the law with all their good intentions, so once again our Gracious God was was going to rescue His people. Pharaoh wasn’t their “real” captor – sin was, sin is.  Moses wasn’t the true rescuer Jesus is.

I/we who have accepted Christ live on the other side of the story.  Jesus has come and has fulfilled the law that we could not.  He died for our sin and left to be with His Father and sent to us The Helper, The Counselor – The Holy Spirit.  Empowering us to obey God – not for salvation sake- the cross accomplished that – but for worship, for reasonable service to our King.

Let the gospel be our true motivation for obedience and the Holy Spirit our true source of strength. – this is my prayer for myself and you.



7 Replies to “Longing To Be Rescued”

  1. That’s exactly what I was thinking, but you said it so well. Our good intentions will never sustain us as we try to follow God.

    1. And God knows that I myself am full of good intentions that I tend to try to accomplish in my own strength – fail :(. So grateful for His grace! Thanks Jan

    2. “Our good intentions will never sustain us as we try to follow God.” This has been something that I’m still trying to learn (and will continually be learning while I’m in this life!), and I keep learning it by falling flat on my face after resolving to do something. But by grace I got here, and by grace I’ll carry on… Lord, help us! Praise you for your sacrifice for us! Great post and great comment. 🙂

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