Monday Moments: Dangerous Calling


“You see, the standards you set for yourself and your ministry are directly related to your view of God. If you are feeding your soul everyday on the grace and glory of God, if you are in worshipful awe of his widsom and power, if you are spiritually stunned by his faithfulness and love, and if you are daily motivated by his presence and promises, then you want to do everything you can to capture and display that glory to the people God has placed in your care.” – Dangerous Calling by: Paul Tripp

Those are the words highlighted on my ipad in the above picture.  I’m surrounded at my kitchen table by a group of people including my husband, that serve to reach African American college students.

During a recent Monday meeting we sat, opened God’s Words, prayed, cried and discussed how we were challenged by this statement and many others  in the book we are reading together.

It was a life giving meeting – definitely the highlight of my Monday!

How does this excerpt challenge you?


One Reply to “Monday Moments: Dangerous Calling”

  1. Wow, that is such a true statement. The more we are immersed in God’s presence and aware of his constant faithfulness, the more we want to show others just how good he is. It definitely challenges me to be a daily witness to his faithfulness and power and that starts by me making sure I am intentional about having that personal time with God. It does not happen daily for me but this is such a good reminder that it does need to be daily, no matter what. Thanks for sharing this!

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