Pink Lemonade from “The Recipe Kid”


Apparently we’ve been watching a bit too many Chow cooking videos with Josiah cause he picked out a couple things he wanted to make and self proclaimed himself to be the “Recipe Kid” – yep  I think that name will stick.

Moe saved the day and picked a recipe that was low error and good – pink lemonade – made with real raspberries so not sure why its not actually called raspberry lemonade – weird.20140216-225911.jpg

Anyhoo, Daddy and son went to work and I was nearby taking pictures and  stealing snacking on them raspberries.

And when it was all done – we got out the “good” glasses and sippy cups for a taste.


Apparently I expected my taste to be a bit more – my glass is the one with all the ice.

It was good and well worth the time spent with Josiah.  Not sure if it was worth the time making raspberry simple syrup and squeezing all those lemons plus $ spent on said bag of lemons and frozen raspberries.  Would be simpler to buy Simply Lemonade – that stuff is good. But all this opinion is coming from the one who did none of the work – just snapping pictures and eating berries. So you don’t have to take my word for it  .  .  .20140216-230057.jpg

.  .  .  instead take Elisha’s he wanted every last drop then mean mugged the sippy cup when it was all gone.  Love that kid.

If you would like the recipe click here and it will send you to the link for it at and you can watch the video.  I’m sure this won’t be the last you hear from The Recipe Kid!


2 Replies to “Pink Lemonade from “The Recipe Kid””

    1. Kristin – I know!!! Just this weekend I came across you twice on the web – on April’s blog when you commented (i didn’t even know April blogged), then via twitter on a instagram tweet by Thenester – whom i see we both love :). Met her at Allume last year – sooo nice! After all that i started following your blog and instagram – really like your WIWW posts – have always loved your style!

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