Monday Moments: The Smell That Changes Your Day

Monday Moments is a weekly post about the little, big, sweet, sad & hard moments that happen throughout one day of the week – Monday.


What smell do you like waking up to? bacon? cinnamon rolls? Coffee?

Mine is coffee but since i’m the one who makes the coffee in this house (and i don’t set it at night since i like to ground my beans fresh) that’s not my reality.  So my next favorite is oatmeal – yes i have a very sensitive nose that smells oatmeal cooking.

When i wake up to oatmeal it means two things – 1. a yummy healthy breakfast of steal cut oats (that takes 30 minutes to cook) will be waiting for me when I enter the kitchen so i don’t have to wonder what we are eating for breakfast. 2. It means that I am loved – because my love language is service and obviously Moe is the one who thought enough to cook it for us – i love me some him.

Gratefully that is what i woke up to Monday morning so the day was starting off well until i went into my littlest guy’s room to get him up and my nose was greeted bombarded with a another smell. A smell that once smelled you realize that the rest of your day will no longer be what you had planned.  That smell- vomit.

Yes people! My baby boy was sick and we weren’t sure if it was stomach virus or food poisoning but we did know 2 things. 1. Our day was going to be rearranged and 2. We didn’t want to catch it.

Moe headed to the store to get the essentials – Gatorade and lysol.

I made phone calls to rearrange meetings and setup a Dr appointment. He was normal Elisha the whole morning – playing and laughing. He threw up 2 or 3 more times then was fine by noon. Grateful. He ate fine and kept it all down but i still took him to his 3 o’clock Dr appointment.  His pediatrician said it was probably a short lived virus.

We headed home but not before stopping by the store for some good ole healthy cultures – yogurt 3 ways. Which the Dr suggested.


What a Monday! In the mist of all that there was still a work meeting to have and a parent teacher conference with Josiah’s preschool teacher.  Which went well – the boy loves his friends and they love him.  We have a natural social extrovert on our hands.

After a day like that dinner was whatever was in the fridge – which for me meant leftover Superbowl wings – Moe makes an amazing sauce.


And i went to bed super early.


How was your Monday? Do anything ordinary?


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