Monday Moments: “I got to learn about my people!”

Monday Moments is a weekly post about the little, big, sweet, sad & hard moments that happen throughout one day of the week – Monday.

This Monday was a popcorn and Netflix type of Monday.  We were off from work to observe Martin Luther King day so we opted to stay home All. Day.  We watched a marathon of the cartoon series Transformers Prime – love it!


There was a time during the day when our big guy was on the Kindle looking at a book – we heard it talk about different African Americans in the Civil Rights Movement. When we asked him – just out of curiosity – why he chose that book, he says, “I got to learn about my people.”

Proud Parent Moment!  Moe and I just looked at each other and smiled then affirmed him.  We still aren’t sure if he really knew what he was saying but it definitely encouraged me to continue to feed the interest.

We also made whole wheat flat bread that the boys kinda helped roll out.

Aww, what a sweet moment  – the family in the kitchen and the boys helping their Mom roll out bread. In theory .  .  .


.  .  . i mean, sure it was sweet but it was a struggle.  Our big guy wanted to help roll and that was cool for about a minute cause i’m task driven and i just want to get it done.   Then the lil guy wants to do somethings so i give a small piece of dough just to play with.  He begins to try to eat said dough and has a fit when i take it from him.  While i’m tending to him our big guy takes it upon himself to try to roll more dough.  NOOOO!  This is the moment when i am immediately disqualified from any mother of the year award and its only January. That’s all I will say, i will spare myself the embarrassment but graciously this is how it ended – snuggled with my littlest guy while Daddy cooked the bread.  Praise God for that man of mine!


The day ended with a early bedtime for me – after i put the littlest guy down at 7pm i headed straight to bed and read. Moe came in around 8 after putting Josiah down and we talked through our week and prayed – which I cried during. Once again laying my hopes and desires at Jesus’s feet and recommitting to be content where we are and trust Him with our future.  I’ve been struggling a bit to live out what i wrote about last week – go figure :/

How was your Monday? Share about a Moment in your Monday below.


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