Being “Present” Where You Are

This is the 2nd part in a series on being “Present” – my word for the year

“Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land and befriend faithfulness.” Psalms 37:3

The phrase, “Bloom where you are planted” is one that has stuck with me for many years.  It is not quoted in God’s Word but many scriptures speak to the essence of this advice, including the one above.

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It speaks to being content, present, faithful, active and fruitful right where you are NOW not next week, month or year.  Even if the situation is not ideal or what you desire.

Joseph demonstrated this well in Genesis  37-47.  He was given dreams by the Lord of great hope and status yet he finds himself being sold into slavery by his own brothers.  While working for a man name Potipher he demonstrated great faithfulness by being a great worker – which is how He got the job. He was faithful to the Lord even when Potipher’s wife accused him of raping her, when Joseph was staying true to God and literally fleeing sexual immorality. He ends up in jail.

I would be mad and bitter.

Joseph, was faithful, even in jail he honored God, was upright and was put over other jailers. What? I would have probably served my term in the corner of my cell praying God would send His angels down and rescue me so that we can move forward with the whole people bowing down to me dream coming true (read Genesis 37).

I’m not saying that he didn’t do any of those things, who knows the tears he cried and the conversations he had with God? But what we do know, was that even if he did, he  eventually got up, because scripture recounts that he indeed “bloomed”, he dwelled in the land (prison) and cultivated righteousness.

Many of us have things we want to accomplish, dreams of our own and God given dreams that we feel he has put in our hearts.  The path to these dreams never – hear me – never look the way we expect but we can be assured that God is sovereign and He sees the whole picture and knows how it will play out. He has a plan! and His ultimate goal is His Glory and our sanctification and our best interest.

A big part of being Present is embracing where you are now even if the scenery and circumstances are less than ideal.

A few ways this translate practically for me is by me being  a .  .  .

blooming wife: We have a good marriage, but I want an amazing marriage.  Idly waiting for that day to just appear is insane.  I have to cultivate today.

blooming Mom: My kids will never be perfect and I will never be a perfect Mom so right not I can work at being the best Mom i know how with resources the Lord has given me.

blooming Hostess:  I dream of a spacious home that we own with walls that i can paint and put as many holes in it as i like (in order to hang pictures).  All clean and just waiting for my bible study girls to come by or to gather Mom’s for brunch and a time for praying for our children. Waiting, when right now God is calling me to reach out and invite people in to my real life now with toys everywhere and remnants of last nights dinner still on the floor.

For you that may mean being a blooming single, a blooming teacher, a blooming coworker or boss.  And somewhere there is indeed someone who may have to be a blooming inmate.

In what way is God calling you to bloom? Comment below


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