Being “Present”, Because Its A Gift

Some, who am I kidding, most moments throughout the day I’m not sure where my mind is at any given time.

While singing Yes Jesus Loves Me me before bedtime to my littlest guy my mind can be thinking about getting back downstairs to sit and crochet or watch TV.

While playing with my boys my mind can go to, and think about what we are having for dinner and where we will live next year (seriously in the same thought pattern).

I dream about this future house where it will be decorated and organized – and clean, instead fully taking care of the one we live in now.

When talking with my husband or basically anyone my mind can drift to things i need to do or even what i need to say to respond to what they are saying instead focusing on what they are saying.

In all these scenarios my body is there but my mind is clearly somewhere else or not focused.  I want to intentionally work on being fully mentally and emotionally present this year. Because when i look into the eyes of the people i love i want to really see them and not through them.  When I hug them I want to really inhale the moment because another one is not promised and they grow up so quick.


Being Present, fully there is a gift to me and to the people i love. Its what one can call a win, win.

So that is my word for the year – PRESENT.

I started last year coming up with a “word for the year” instead of a New Year’s Resolution.  Its a word that encompasses what I want to focus on in the new year to in turn help me live the God blessed life abundantly to the Glory of God.

Last year my word was HEALTHY. I did not prefect it but I was fruitful!  Here are my results.

Healthy Spiritually: I began getting up at 5:30 to spend time with the Lord. I got accountability through a Hellomornings group where i tweeted in each morning during the week to let them know i was up.  that definitely helped with the success. You can read the ways God spoke to me through His word in my post dated from August 24th to Nov 15th.  Being consistent with spending time with the Lord was instrumental, among other things, in me becoming healthier Spiritually.

Healthy Physically:  I would be lying if i said that I gave up all together going to get me a diet coke and cookies from McDonalds but i can say that the # of times decreased – victory.  What i did do is completed 7 weeks of couch to 5k – yes i started running!  This aided in me wanting to make healthy choices and loosing some pounds *woot, woot.  Unfortunately it got cold so hope to pick it back up in the spring and then actually run a 5k.

Healthy Mentally:  My brain was just getting a bit lazy.  I try not to blame it on having babies but there is a thing called “placenta theft” – go ahead google it.  So i wanted to do some things to help my wheels up there to crank back up – you will thank me when we see each other and I actually remember your name, Mom!  So since i’m naturally a talker and it really works my mind to write – I started this here blog and participated in an online writing class.  From that birthed a desire to write a short memoir of my college days *what the what? I know right!.  (no promises to when that will be released – work in progress)

Healthy Socially:  I’m an extrovert so people give me energy. With the boys, running a household, working and balancing our schedule it can be easier to just not. go. anywhere.  Cause it takes energy to move. So this was about me saying yes more and exerting the energy to get out the house because it payed off with more energy for me in the end. I’m just a better Wife and Mom when i get a bit of time away.

I will continue to build on these things also.  Just because 2013 is gone and i have a new word does not mean being healthy is out the window.

So what are your goals for this year or your word for the year – share in the comments below?


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