Off With The Old

I’m a Mom! *pinching self

Some days i’m in aww of this truth as I look at my boys- my wild, playful, loving boys.

A mother’s responsibility is great, hard, rewarding and essential.  I am a so many things to my boys and one of them is a teacher- but i sometimes forget what they don’t know.  Things that are now almost second nature to me are  things they have to be taught and reminded of.  Like, using the bathroom and making sure it goes in the potty and not all around it.  And if it does, don’t just walk away – clean it up.  No, you cannot hit your brother with that.  Put on your socks – i know its hard but you need to learn how to do it.  I could go on and on with the sometimes tedious tasks and not so tedious character traits I want and need to instill in them.

Without instruction – they would just continue on in their wild and crazy peeing on the wall, hitting each other with bats way with no apologies.  Because its their nature. So its my job to remind them they are civilized human beings, but most importantly created to honor God.

photo (4)

This is what comes to mind as I reflect on this week’s passage – Eph 4:17-32 in the Glorious Grace Bible Study.  Paul shares a good amount of commands in this passage.  Teaching them that they must put off their old nature and put on the new in Christ that they have been taught.

Once we become followers of Christ we still need to be taught the things that please God.  While we should have a desire to honor God, more often than not you are tempted to do the things that come natural for our sinful nature.  Whether its lashing out hurtful words when we are angry or telling a lie to avoid conflict or penalty.  God’s Word reveals to us the way we need to change and gives us His Spirit to help us do it and the body of believers to Pastor, teach, encourage and walk along with us.

God’s word tells us that we will have to renew our minds, put off these old ways and put on the new.  Walk in who we now are in Christ – we represent Him now and are a part of something bigger than ourselves – The Body of Christ.

I want to instill in my boys not just ways to correct their behavior (which is needed). I want Christ to implode their hearts for Him so that they will desire to honor him with their lives – that they will turn away from sin not just because somebody’s watching but because they know who they are and whose they are.  This doesn’t happen by accident or intentional parenting and discipline alone this comes by prayer – a move of God’s Spirit.

The same for me. When I wrestle with old nature temptations i should not be surprised.  I have to prepare – i must, “give no opportunity to the devil” (Eph 4:27).  I must be in prayer, in God’s Word and total reliance on the strength of the Holy Spirit within me. For His Glory! The same way it shouldn’t alarm me that my child does not want to apologize sometimes – It shouldn’t come as a shock that I don’t either.  But over time, with the Spirit’s power – it gets easier as i continue to put off the old and put on the new.

*This is my ninth week going through the bible study Glorious Grace.  Excited about what God is revealing and anticipating what is to come. You can read my takeaway from wk 1- A Great Transformation; Wk 2 – Gloriously Complete, Wk 3 – An Accurate View, Wk 4 – Walking in Them: Good Works, Wk 5 – To Be Brought Near, Wk 6 – Grace, Wk 7 – To Really Know His Love, Wk 8 – No “I” In Team


5 Replies to “Off With The Old”

  1. Love that He gives His Spirit to help us! So thankful we aren’t alone on our journeys of putting the old away! I enjoyed your perspective today, Sandy– as I always do. Blessings to you as you “walk in who you are now”. 🙂

  2. “But over time, with the Spirit’s power – it gets easier as i continue to put off the old and put on the new.” Love this.

    Thankful for the Spirit’s power working in us!

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