An Accurate View

My eye site is 20/20, they say :).  So I didn’t quite understand the plight of my husband who needs glasses and sometimes struggles to see & find things- especially when he realizes its because he doesn’t have them on. For them they bring things into focus and give him an accurate view of his surroundings.


It was a wrestle this week to see what God was saying to me personally from Ephesians 1:15-23 until it came into focus that what He wanted was for me to see.   To see Him for who he is and again who I am in him.

This is basically what Paul’s prayer was about – he was praying that the reader would see Accurately – he prayed for them to have wisdom and revelation, a heart enlightened, to know the hope of their calling, their glorious inheritance and immeasurable greatness of His power.  To SEE.

I was not exaggerating when I said I wrestled with this passage this week trying to really wrap my mind around the words, the sentence structure and definitions – whew! What i needed was the prayer that Paul was praying – I needed God to open my eyes – and He did.  While running jogging one morning I was asking God to do this and the one word that came to my heart was Worship.

When I am able to see God for who he is, it leads me to worship to acknowledge He loves me, He made the ultimate sacrifice for me, He is The hope giver, the embodiment of truth, the opener of eyes (Hallelujah, Y’all I could shout right now!!!)!  He has Immeasurable greatness of power, He is over everything, over every ruler, he has power and dominion!

God is indeed Awesome and sometimes the things of this world, my life, my own understanding can fog up my view of Him.

The kicker for me was the last view verses (Ephesians 22,23)

“And He put everything under His feet and appointed Him as head over everything for the church, which is His body  .  .  .”

The Message Bible translates it this way:

“At the center of all this, Christ rules the church. The church, you see, is not peripheral to the world; the world is peripheral to the church. The church is Christ’s body, in which he speaks and acts, by which he fills everything with his presence.”

My Big Takeaway:

I am a part of Christ’s body here on earth  – he speaks and acts through me and I am a part of His presence here on earth, His hands and feet. When I see Him properly – my worship is focused in the right direction, i see myself properly and my role/purpose here on earth in representing Him well – speaking and doing on His behalf – for His Glory – not for my own.

*This is my third week going through the bible study glorious grace.  Excited about what God is revealing and anticipating what is to come. You can read my takeaway from week one here, and week two here. And read what others are learning here


6 Replies to “An Accurate View”

  1. Thanks for sharing Sandy! I love this little hellomornings community! I like what you said about vision – when our vision is accurate, we can see clearly; I do wear glasses (daily), so I know how difficult it is to see things when I’m not wearing them! My prayer is that God would align my heart to be as clear as my vision is with glasses. That His words and truths would not be as blurry as my sight without glasses.

  2. Loved your takeaway from this week– thanks for sharing. It’s so important is a clear vision of Him! I totally agree– the clearer we see Him the more our hearts respond with worship. It’s such a natural consequence of realizing who He is and how He loves us. 🙂

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