Gloriously Complete

“Lay your deadly “doing” down

down at Jesus feet.

Stand in Him, in him alone,

Gloriously complete.”

 from the hymn- “It is Finished” by James Proctor

My love language is service, that’s one of the ways I receive love and also a way in which I express it to others.  So when i was impacted by Christ and the beauty of who He is and who i am in Him, my natural response was  “to do” – to serve Him. And I genuinely believe He called me to that.

After many years in ministry I felt a change in my motive – as if my motive for serving had shifted from Him being the center to it being centered around me – what I did began to shape who I was more than The One in whom I was doing it for.

As I read Ephesians 1:1-14 this week, it was great to bask in words like  .  .  .

chosen, predestined, redeemed and sealed.

All things I am that i can never earn.

All things I am that i can wrap my identity in.

All things I am for His glory by His grace.

Its been a journey getting back to walking in theses truths the last few years, and believe me, i still have my days when i want the glory for myself.  Days when I fight to believe that being in Him completes me gloriously and not my ministry title or how many women I disciple or share my faith with.  Days when i look into the eyes of my boys and believe that what i do with them matters but more so how I live out of who I am in Christ in front of them matters more. I am Gloriously Complete!


*This is my second week going through the bible study glorious grace.  Excited about what God is revealing and anticipating what is to come. You can read my takeaway from week one here. And read what others are learning here.  


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