I Might Be a Superhero: 10 Things My Allume Roommates Should Know About Me

The Justice League, The Avengers and other great Superhero groups form first out of necessity then build a brotherly/sisterly bond birthed from a mutual struggle and purpose. That’s what you can say happened with Jennifer Murray, Resealia Mckinney , Lindsey Brackett and I, we will be roommates at an upcoming conference this Fall, Allume.


Out of necessity to have a place to lay our weary heads at night during the conference, we found one another. Over the past couple months have been getting to know each other and sharing our purpose and struggles in blogging  .  .  . sisterhood formed! Even though we have yet to meet in person – nor come up with a group name 😉 – that day is quickly approaching and there are a few things that i have not yet mentioned to them that I think they (and maybe even others attending) should know about me, especially since there is some pretty hard evidence here that i just might be a Superhero myself.

Can you tell I’m about to have fun with this! 🙂

1. I have a secret identity: Sandy is not my real name. Can’t wait to reveal who I “really” am 😉 once we are at the conference cause the spelling would only confuse and the pronunciation is tricky, but most of all its a SECRET IDENTITY, so can’t be letting all of webland know. For those who are not my roommates – just ask – I might be a superhero but i’m not intimidating.

2. I smash desserts: You know, like Hulk loves to smash anything. I smash sweets like that. Seriously. Watch out. I don’t have a sweet tooth, my whole set is sweet.

3. Open book I am (said in the voice of Yoda): So I know that Yoda (you know from Star Wars) in some eyes may not be considered a superhero but tell that to Luke Skywalker. Anyhoo, I like to share – if you ask, i’m going to tell you, maybe more than you wanted to know or were asking but it will be out there – nothing inappropriate though :).

4. At night I can hear through walls: Yep, let my lil guy gets up to go potty in the middle of the night and i’m all “Whose that, somebodies in the house, babe wake up!” Ok, maybe not that dramatic but I am a light sleeper so will be bringing the earplugs.

5. I will uphold the “laws” of Allume: I am a rule follower. They tell us to be on time – i’m there at least 5 min early. They encourage us to attend every session and i will be at every session. I love good conversation but i will wrap it up and start walking away. Why is this info important: 1) You will be able to tell when i’m anxiously overwhelmed because i will be the opposite of this. 2) You may need to encourage me to loosen up – its not the end of the world if i’m 5 minutes late – or is it?

6. My kryptonite is dairy: I can handle a little but if you see me eat cream cheese for breakfast, ice cream mid-day, and something with cream sauce on it for dinner, I will need you to come snatch the cheesecake for dessert out of my hands-  for my sake and the sake of whomever i’m sharing a bed with. You’ve just experienced #3

7. I usually roll with my or am somebody’s sidekick: I’ve been to a lot of conferences for my job but this is the first that i’m going to that i’m not rolling with someone i know. So blessed to be getting to know ya’ll.

8. The sun to Superman is what good coffee is to me: Black and strong (like my husband :)), is how I drink it. So when you see my eyes glazing over or incoherent speech just point me in the direction of the caffeine.

9. I grew up in Smallville: I grew up in a very small southern town in Mississippi. I don’t always talk with a southern accent but i do if you get me around other Southern women or late late at night – so don’t be alarmed.

10. I have a nemesis: And its name is self-absorption – recently  wrote about it here. I will be fighting to be my true self to all that I meet and truly focus on getting to know others, listening and learning instead of wondering what they think about my hair, my outfit, my business card, my breath or what i just said – this list could go on on. So if you see me punching the air, you know whats happening.

Well, what more can i say – probably a lot since i’m a talker and verbal processor – but i’m going to leave it at that. Most of the evidence is there, more soon to be revealed.  Looking forward to what God has in store for us when we “assemble” at Allume in October.  Until then “May the force be with you!”

Blessings, Sandy


12 Replies to “I Might Be a Superhero: 10 Things My Allume Roommates Should Know About Me”

  1. Sandy, I love all this info! And you know Lisa Jo says motherhood should come with a superhero cape of its own, so you’re definitely a superhero. I’ll link it up later so you can know you’re not alone in the need for coffee and fair warning: I’ve been told my southern accent gets stronger when I’m nervous 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for posting this! It’s great to get to know more about my roomie! I totally feel you on #7. This is totally out of my comfort zone to roll solo but God’s pushing and rooting us on! Cheers to the best roomies ever! Can’t wait till we officially meet IRL! Blessings! And great post!

    1. Debi!! people step on my cape all the time girl – got to get this thing altered – LOL! Seriously, hope we do find each other then I can reveal my secret identity to you!

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