Hotel Living In Light of Eternity

20130709-161739.jpgAs my lil guy unpacked the food from the cooler into the fridge and I set up a changing station (diaper changing that is) on the desk in the one room, a since of excitement hit me of the challenge adventure ahead. For the next four weeks we would be living in a hotel about 25 minutes away from our home.


We are leading a Mission Trip with 11 college students from various schools and since they are living in a hotel – we are living with them for gospel community purposes. Honestly i had a hard time with this at first – about having to leave the comforts of my own bed and only a month lived in house to come live in a extended stay type hotel with two boys – yet i digress and get back to the real reason i’m writing . . .

So as i’m putting away clothes and setting up a pack and play i think about how content i am with this, how kinda cool it is to be doing this, then a thought sets in and the truth hits that i can be okay with this now because this is only temporary. I can be up to the challenge of hotel living for 4 weeks because i know this is not my home. I can bear the small quarters cause i have a 3 bedroom home and i can sleep on a pullout sofa cause i know i have a memory foam mattress at home.

This got me thinking about heaven, about eternity. Christ said He was going to prepare a place for us and there’s also scriptures about mansions and streets of gold there. So when i put things in this land that i’m an alien in, in perspective, i can bare this temporarily but so stoked that this is not home. I remember words to a song we use to sing in the Missionary Baptist Church growing up – ” I ain’t gonna build my mansion down here cause i ain’t gonna be here long, gonna build my mansion up in glory, up there where i belong”

There’s a saying out there that “What i love most about my home is who i get to share it with” and that’s so true. What matters most with me being in this hotel is that i still have my family – home is where they are. I feel that way about heaven – its not about the location its about who we, in Christ, get to spend eternity with – God! The Location is the bonus (a really good one). And even though i’m not there yet, because of Christ, i have the Holy Spirit with me here, God living inside of me which is pretty amazing.


2 Replies to “Hotel Living In Light of Eternity”

  1. Glad you’re loving that temporary home. It’s definitely got to be more challenging to share a hotel with two little ones than it will be to share with strangers in October! except, we’re not going to be strangers because we’re knit together in Christ and I can’t wait to meet you and learn your story. Best wishes for the next month, I’ll be watching for updates!

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