LENT: What is that?


No its not the fuzzy stuff you pull out the crevices of your pants pockets :).  Its a season that we are already a week into. Lent is  .  .  .

“a time when many Christians prepare for Easter by observing a period of fasting,repentance, moderation and spiritual discipline. The purpose is to set aside time for reflection on Jesus Christ – his suffering and his sacrifice, his life, death, burial and resurrection.” (from about.com)

I googled “What is lent” about a week ago when i sat down to process about what God would have me do. I feel like i do this every year – but its because i’m a rule follower and want to make sure I’m “doing LENT it right” – whatever that mean :/. However, I’m glad i did because I like the previous definition and it  reconfirmed to me why observing this time is so good for me.  Here are my 3 reasons;

1.  Preparing for Easter – with all the things going on in our life its very easy for Easter to sneak up on us.  When i was a young girl it was the season for Easter baskets, a new dress, and getting my hair straightened.  As we build our home we want to incorporate traditions that will bring the true meaning of Easter to the forefront so that we can embrace what Christ did for us even the more and so that our children will truly understand the gospel. Although i would like a new dress 🙂 – just saying.  Lent keeps before me the true meaning of the season we are in just as Advent reminds me during the Christmas season.  To aid in this – i’m reading a bible plan of the life of Jesus leading up to His death burial and Resurrection.  Its a email sent to me everyday leading up to Easter from biblegateway.com.  For Joisah we plan to read a few stories from the Jesus Storybook Bible (love it) a week before Easter.  May also do the Resurrection eggs but not sure (don’t hold me to it).

2.  Fasting:  When i go too long without denying myself – it starts showing.  Feelings of entitlement are in full force.  I get this “Why not” or “because i WANT it” attitude and that’s not good. Which usually means that i’m running to something temporal for satisfaction or enjoyment that i need to run to the Lord for.  The two things that have stood out in my life are desserts and shopping.  There is no such thing as a sweet tooth here – all my teeth are sweet and especially if its a cookie or cake.  Moderation is good but moderation and i haven’t hung out in a while when it come to sweets.  The other thing i noticed is that its hard for me to not buy little things that I want (budget won’t allow for BIG things) – like a simple trip to Michael’s Craft Supply store for valentine playdate craft supplys to the sum of $5 but end up leaving spending $20.  Or a trip to Old Navy for a pair of pants but see that the next day they are having 30% off everything so go back the next day and loose my freaking mind :/.  So i’m not buying myself anything for 40 days – i’m learning how to tell myself NO.  Which is hard because my husband bought me a cuppow for Valentines day (picture below) and it only fits a wide mouth mason jar of which I. HAVE. NONE. only reg mason jars :(.  I want so bad to make a b line to Walmart and buy a case – yep a whole case :/ – problematic.


3. Repentance:  Last and certainly not least fasting from these things brings out my sin – it reveals heart idols – counterfeit gods – leading me to repent.  You remember here when i said that i was handing out eviction notices – well tis the season.  To aid in this i have been reading Counterfeit gods – a book by Tim Keller.  To hear some of the challenging things God is revealing to me through this book follow me on twitter @building14one.

So has the Lord led you to give up anything for Lent? What were your family’s Easter traditions growing up?  Who else wants a  new dress :)?


2 Replies to “LENT: What is that?”

  1. G.ad to hear more of your heart on sweets. Although moderation works for some…sometimes ya just gotta cut yourself off 🙂 and that’s okay too!!! Sooooo….I love that you’re doing this. It will be an awesome time to see God show up Sandy. I’m excited to hear about how he teaches, rescues, and blesses you during these days. There will def be struggle but already I’m loving how The Lord is speaking to me in regards to your lent season. Awesome!!

    I’m giving up Facebook. So far time with my children has been precious, serving my husband comes more to my mind, being a homemaker is easier and I honestly just feel free from its bondage!!! I can no longer make excuses for not spending time with The Lord because my time has been increased and that time has been so sweet! Might just have to punt it for good. 🙂 we’ll see……..

  2. Im actually on a 12 week fast. Im only eating fruits and veggies. I started February 1 and end April 28th. Its all the Lord. I really wouldnt choose this for myself. I have learned a lot already. Im praying for so much stuff and the Lord is reveal so much about my heart. The only food I miss is fruit. I thought I would miss breads and sweets but I dont. Fruit is actually a wonderful substitute; oh and flavored sparkling water!

    Yes I want a new dress, I crave new dresses during the spring. Our tradition used to be a lot like yours with a big family meal after church. I dont think anyone is doing anything this year and with me working I cant attend any festivities anyway. Im excited to see what the Lord does this season for you Sandy.

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