Be Careful Little Eyes What You See: Superbowl Remorse

imageLike many others a couple weeks ago I watched the Superbowl.  Unfortunately I am not a big football fan – for some reason i can’t wrap my mind around the game – :/ i know its quite sad.  I’m more of a basketball person – love a good game.  Honestly though i don’t keep up with it because i get too emotionally involved – but that’s a story for another time.

Since the Superbowl, I have been rethinking what we allow our sons to watch, which ultimately should put to question what we as a family watch.  There were so many distasteful commercials, and then there was the halftime show :/. Let me stop there for a minute.  Beyonce’s halftime show was really entertaining – the girl is good.  I had fun watching it and got crazy excited when the lil Destiny’s Child reunion happened – OH MY!:) All the while there was something in me that was quite uncomfortable with watching it because of what she was wearing and how she was dancing.  I’m not mad at her – Beyonce gone do what Beyonce gone do.  But why didn’t i change the channel.

You see, I have a 3 year old son who was watching his Mommy get all excited about this woman singing and dancing.  The same Mommy who will one day – probably sooner that i think – have a conversation with him about girls.  A conversation about purity and the need for him to be careful with what he looks at as so to honor God.  I will want him to respect women and eventually choose a young lady who demonstrates modesty. I cannot risk being lukewarm on this issue.

Even watching the commercials led to conversations with our 3 year old about kissing – if you watched the Superbowl you know exactly which commercial i’m referring to  – the godaddy one.

My husband and i have since again discussed what tv and movie watching should be like in our home in order to help guard our lil guys eyes and even our own.  This is not the first time we have talked about this but this was a good time to revisit the conversation :).

This is definitely a broader conversation as we look at violence – we are all big superhero fans, language – even in cartoon, characters can say mean things to one another, and  humor – should we really laugh at ___.

One thing TV does do is spark conversation.    We will not be able to monitor every bit of TV and movies and life for that matter but we can and should take the opportunity to ask him questions and point out truth,and even stop watching and explain to him why, even if  he doesn’t understand, one day we pray he will.

*I just want to point out that i am not harping on society, Beyonce, the Super Bowl or media in general.  This world is depraved so i expect it to do what it do.  But we are parents who love God and want to raise our children to love and fear the Lord.  We believe the responsibility is ours to guard and have open dialogue with our children pointing them to scripture.


2 Replies to “Be Careful Little Eyes What You See: Superbowl Remorse”

  1. Alright, so I saw this show and thought she was great BUT as my husband turned his head away and headed to the kitchen (or stayed looking down playing with Keira) I thought, “this is ridiculous. If my husband shouldn’t watch a halftime show of the Super Bowl….Keira shouldn’t and neither should I.” Then, I got on Facebook and looked at every comment about how wonderful she did. Nothing about her wardrobe…..these people posting were women who I know love The Lord so my heart was hurt and I was convicted.

    I refused to say anything about it because I didn’t want to promote her to non believers. If I’m raving about how awesome she did or is….my non believing friends will automatically think I’m talking about her performance in full package. Her wardrobe was not okay. Now, do I hold her to believing standards? No. Of course not. Should I hold myself to believing standards? Yes. In the cliche, what would Jesus do? He would have turned his eyes. Loved her and prayed to his father for her but I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have raved about her dancing or continued watching… I did. Praise God for my husband though. So thankful for his convictions.

    1. I was grateful for the way my husband responded also and we even talked about it later. I really felt like i wasn’t being a good guard for his eyes. Even though he took it upon himself I wish i would have just changed the channel therefore removing the HINT of temptation.

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