Healthy Physically: 2 cookies and a large diet coke


This is my series on my word for the year "HEALTHY". 
You can read about why here and my first post - healthy spiritually here.

So once again i sit down to write a post about my plans but then i’m convicted to be real.  So instead of telling you about the exercise program i plan to do instead i have to tell you about the trip to McDonald’s i took  today before a playdate to get a large $1 diet coke and 2 chocolate chip cookies – that i did not share with my 3 year old in the back seat (i rescued the evidence from the car to take the pic above).  And that before this excursion 2 things happened;

1.  i had a conversation with a friend on the phone and she asked “Hey, what happened to getting your sexy back?” (that’s what i called loosing my “had 2 babies weight”).  So i shared with her a couple legitimate reasons I hadn’t started working on it and a few just plain excuses.  Graciously by the end of the convo we talked about some things i could implement and the best way accountability could help me.  I’m so grateful for friends who help me get my butt in gear – literally:).

2. i looked at some pictures of myself on my computer and lil later happened to glance at myself in the mirror- sadness :(.  i didn’t like what i saw.  I said to myself ” Self 🙂 – something has got to change.  We (me and self) need to workout and eat better.

A couple hours later i’m in a drive thru :/

“Everything is permissible for me”–but not everything is beneficial. “Everything is permissible for me”–but I will not be mastered by anything.  1cor6:12

I am letting food be my master.  I talked about being healthy spiritualy here and mentioned the fact that i have idols and that i needed to hand out some eviction notices.  Well,  FOOD – you have been served.

P.S.  I will still write about what i plan to do in Part 2, but i feel to the need to put that plan in action before i write about it, but will have some small updates on facebook and twitter – yep I am now on twitter @building14one (never say never:/)


4 Replies to “Healthy Physically: 2 cookies and a large diet coke”

  1. Is it sad that I’m thinking about driving threw McDonald’s now?? This post worked the opposite on me. :/ girl, lets work out together!!!!!! That way we can enjoy these sweet treasures and not beat ourselves up about it. I seriously am more about portion control and lifestyle now. Cutting myself off will only make me crazy and it more desirable.

    1. HA!- yes, yes it is sad but i’m right there with ya LOL. I wish i could do better at moderation – that’s why i’m giving up dessert for lent. Every time i fast from desserts it reminds me that i can say NO. Yes we must exercise together – ZUMBA??

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