Word For The Year


Yeah, me – i don’t do new year’s resolutions. Why? – they end up becoming another opportunity for me to not complete something. Yet here i am jumping on the word for the year band wagon.  Why? – because it “seems” less intimidating to me – but somehow it has turned out to be bigger, much much bigger.

My word for the year is HEALTHY! Not like i want to lose 50 pounds this year cause i just had a baby resolution type healthy, but i want to be well-rounded healthy: physically, spiritually, mentally, socially. Are you seeing how this is bigger? 🙂 Bigger and better I think.  I like it cause this year i’m focusing on being a better me.  I was talking with my man last night and sharing how it almost makes me feel selfish but i truly believe that a better me means a better us.  A better me means a better Mom and a better home.  This even overflows to my friends and family – i hopefully become a better daughter, sister and friend.

So far this year i have already:

– started reading daily devotionals from shereadstruth #healthyspiritually

– started a blog #healthymentally

– went to see Les Mis with some friends #healthysocially

– got a chocolate covered do-nut at the store when went to return a redbox movie :/ #failedhealthyphsically

Even though the do-nut was gone before i got home (store 5 minutes away), i am working on the healthy physically but want to share about that later.  I plan to post throughout the rest of January on why i feel i need to be healthy in these areas and ways i’m planning to do so.  Again, do you see how this is bigger :)? But again – its better, at least for me!

Oh, i don’t have a twitter account yet – at least for now the #s are just for fun – stay tuned.

Do you have a word for the year?  Did you have one last year?-how did it go? Share in the comments below.


6 Replies to “Word For The Year”

  1. I guess Stewardship would be mine. Financially of course and the I think it’s bigger 🙂 because it causes me to steward the relationships and opportunities I do have instead of despairing over the relationships and opportunities I don’t.

  2. Well Sandy, you know how I am slow with jokes or things like that. So after reading this twice, I think I just got the do-nut.! LOL

  3. I love this. I love using the word “healthy” and I love how many areas in a womans life you listed that need us to be healthy. How convicted I am this morning reading this! It isn’t even the eating right that convicts me it’s the spiritual and even emotional health that would most definitely transform the rest of my day (and my family’s.) Man, potty training K this week was difficult and really showed me some control sin I have in my life. I mean really, I CANNOT CONTROL HER BLADDER….but man did I sure try and I definitely had some unhealthy moments this last week. I want to meditate on what word might be good for my year. Might even steal yours 🙂 Good stuff Sandy. Thank you!!

    P.S. You are in good company. I went to Krispy Kreme in WF yesterday and bought 2 hot donuts and both were gone by the time I hit Aldi 🙂

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