Its five minute Friday over at lisajobaker.com and the word is DIVE! Writing for five minutes on one word. Check out her site to read how this party got started.

– 5 minutes, write, no major editing :/

I don’t remember how old i was, all i remember was the pain.

I was young and attending a summer camp.  it was my turn at the diving board to try to do the thing i had always desired to do – dive. I climb. I walk to the edge.  I reconfirm posture and technique with the teacher.  Then i jump. I flop.  My chest burns. I am embarrassed  I am in pain.  I am scarred inwardly – i never try it again.

This experience seems to haunt my days when trying new things or things i have failed at before (like blogging).  How fitting for this to be my first post – i hope to dive into this blog and accomplish all the Lord has for me to – no more and no less.  i have fears of being hurt and embarrassed – these things may happen but with the power of the Holy Spirit I hope to not walk away.  I hope i will keep at it, learn and grow – not that i will ever get it perfect but that i will not be afraid to keep trying.


15 Replies to “DIVE”

  1. What courage you have, to dive right in today (well, I AM a day late, so yesterday 🙂 ). So proud of you! Keep at it, one day at a time. I am new to blogging as well and struggle with many of the same fears. I am trying to write with my eyes trained on Him, which is not easy, but it helps keep the fears at bay. Bless you, sister!!

  2. Beautifully written Sandy. Your take your reader with you as you attempt your first dive. Keep writing my sweet sister in Christ. God will use you to touch other people in their hurt and needs and bring much needed encouragement. In the process He will grow you deeper. Blessings in Christ…Susan

  3. Hi Sandy
    Dive in, girl, dive in! Blogging brings much joy to many hearts and I think our God’s too when He sees all the ladies at FMF having so much fun.
    Much love XX

  4. I love it! So honest! As you know, I believe that many people will benefit from hearing your story – past and present. I know I benefit greatly from seeing it day to day! Love you friend!

  5. Hi Sandy,
    BRAVO! You’ve taken the first step, just keep walking or writing. You overcome your fears by continuously doing the thing you fear, and by staring fear in the face and doing the thing anyway. Love how you’ve shared your heart here. I also love the focus and premise of your blog, that wise woman building her house. Our Pastor teaches us we’re the heart of our home, our family. God bless you!

    1. Yep “continuously doing the thing i fear” – that, like all things, is going to take the power of the Holy Spirit. Thanks Phyllis – i pray the Lord reminds me of your encouragement when I want to shy away.

  6. Wow Sandy, god is opening up a new form of ministry during a changing and new season of life. I know nothing about blogging but keep track of all you right. Before you know you have a book with a wealth of life jewells. Lorna

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