Two Months From Today

Today is June 4th.

Exactly 2 months from today at 8AM I will be dropping this little big guy off at KINDERGARTEN!


Yes, I don’t know what to do with myself, just thinking about it makes me want to cry.

He’s so excited to make friends and learn (hopefully).

No more full weeks and days with him.

So what is a Mom to do?

Hold him tight and never let him go.

Ummm, no – that would just be wierd and then he would grow up with issues.

So the right answer is . . .

Cram everything I’ve ever wanted and dreamed of doing with him since the day he was born into the next 2 months.

Yes, that sounds more reasonable.

Enter in the Summer 2015 Bucket List.

  • Go swimming at a pool a lot
  • Go get soda as a family
  • Go to a fair/carnival
  • Go to see a movie at a theatre
  • Go roller skating
  • Have a ice cream or popsicle party and invite friends
  • Take a day trip to another city

And these are just Josiah’s. I have a few of my own like . . .

  • go to Mississippi
  • ride the Atlanta Trolly

Then of course Moe and Elisha have a couple . . .

  • Moe: sleep all day
  • Elisha: Go to J & S’s house

They are very low maintenance🙂

So as you can see, its not a lot and instead of demanding what I just wanted to be done, i involved the whole family (and just insisted on a couple things).  So its time to get to it  because if we don’t begin now we will be scrambling in July to get it accomplished.

Follow us on instagram and search #hafeezsummer2015. But don’t do it today on June 4th, because we haven’t done anything yet lol

Do you have plans for the summer?

Do you have a little one starting Kindergarten?

* I got this free bucket list printable from There are plenty out there so google it or check pinterest.

My Big Boy!

He is 5.

He lost his first tooth this past Sunday morning and I was a crazy woman being all sentimental about it.  But how can I not? He is my first born.

My son.

I would ask the normal question like – where does the time go?

But I know – the time goes in the minutes, the hours, the days and weeks that make up a year, and before you know it adult teeth are pushing up baby ones and reminding you that its happening.  He is growing up.  He is becoming a big boy and prayerfully one day a Man.

I can’t and don’t want to stop it, just maybe hit pause now and again to soak in the memories – in my heart and mind.  Look at him intently and hold him extra tight.  Make sure the summer is full of memories because Kindergarten starts in the fall *sigh.

Soak him in and give thanks at all times – even the hard ones.

So what is a Mom to do when her son loses his first tooth – celebrate! Smile really big and hold back the tears as he dances around the room jumping and smiling and shouting about him becoming a big boy now.  Take a picture to commemerate the moment then text it out to family and friends, plus show it around to people at church (because they love that). Then declare it a day – big boy day! (one of many) – bake cookies and and have a 3 movie marathon of Spy Kids after church! Then just sit back and watch and thank God for blessing us with a such a boy – energetic, caring, super hero loving, best friend declaring without even knowing their name – big boy!

My big boy

Don’t he look just like me?🙂


Cluttered mind – I can’t focus

Cluttered fridge – There’s nothing for dinner

Cluttered closet – Nothing to wear

Cluttered home – Never looks clean

This is my life.  So much to do and so much stuff its paralyzing. Not much gets accomplished well or on time, money gets wasted on food, I don’t utilize the clothes i have, and i’m discouraged and overwhelmed by  the constant state of our home.

I have tried to work on these things here and there but have never commited a year to making it happen – To Simplify.

I’ve already begun the process in the main and most important area of my life – time with the Lord (will share about that later), but I am intentionally doing other things starting February (the beginning of my new year). I needed January to recover from the holidays and process and plan.  So today is the day! You excited? Me too!

My Challenges:

As much as I need and like structure I can’t have too much that it stifles me.  I’m a creative so I equally need freedom.  I don’t like to feel like the structure controls me.  I don’t want nothing “controling” me but the Holy Spirit.

I’m also a planner – I LOVE TO PLAN! It gives me so much hope and prospective.  But the downside is i can feel like the work is done once the planning is done – ummm, no sweetheart.

I need help and accountability with the follow through and to stick to it.  I also need focus, because i will get distracted by other shiny objects/projects and by March not only will I have totally abandoned the plan but came up with a new one altogether to fit my new whim – i’ve got issues.

This is also a very tangible goal.  Last year my word was present – and that was more of a state of mind goal and I maybe should have kept a journal to keep track of how I really did. But this time at the end of the time span there should be physical and mental results/fruit that this was a success or a epic fail. Which i think is a good thing – because in any goal setting you have to know how to measure the success – i learned that from my husband, he’s so smart *swooning (intelligence is attractive people).

So those are my challenges – and you know what? – i’m not completly sure of the answers. I have gathered some resources that i will share with you that are helping me and let you know my specific goals – but this all is a process.

So welcome to the process of this crazy dance of me simplifying – the planning and figuring it out as I go.  I hope that you are able to learn something from me in the process and give me some advice that might help this crazy lady  on the other side of the computer *two thumbs pointed at myself.

Deeper Waters: Growth


Growing up we lived on a nice sized plot of land where we maintained a garden. We grew tomatoes, peas, okra, cucumbers, butter beans, and much more.

Most of my summers were spent in that garden, sweating in the hot Mississippi sun digging holes to put tiny seeds in, then watering and picking out weeds from around them. We had to put up poles for the tomatoes and butter beans to guide their growth, and we built scarecrows to keep out the wildlife that sought to destroy our crop.

All of that was work!

Growing things takes work .  .  .

Read the rest over at

God Gives Victory And Gets All The Glory


When reading God’s Word, I don’t want to miss what He is teaching me about who He is and and how that affects who I am. So I pray . . .

Read the rest of this devotional from Genesis Chapter 14, over at

*I am a part of TEAM365 – a group of women who believe that being in God’s Word every day is foundational to everything we do.  Click here for more info and to download the 2015 reading plan.  From time to time I will share devotionals from what God is teaching me on the website.

Just a Pinch

Hey There! Happy New Year!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Yeah, I know its been a while.

I didn’t finish strong on the writing 31 days goal of October, but I got way farther than I ever have, I mean ever ever – so I’m not extremely disappointed – just a pinch. After that, life and holidays happened and so nothing else – and I’m ok with that too, yet disappointed just a pinch because I don’t want to be in and out on this space so much.

I’m embracing both the grace and truth. And the truth is that if I feel the Lord wants me to write in this space then that’s what I should be doing.  He knows His why and i need to trust.

As you can see,  things look a bit different around these parts and there will be more changes to come on the other pages within.  I felt my blog needed to breathe just a pinch.  In my home I long for less clutter and more white space and I enjoy that feeling on other blogs also, so I’ve implemented it here on my little apartment on the web.

Whats coming up?:

I have so many posts in my head that i can barely think straight – I need to just get. it. out.  This blog is just as much about my processing as it is about spurring you on. So when stuff gets stuck in there my brain feels constipated.  I’m a verbal processor so my poor friends get a ear full, i mean full fledge diarrhea on em.  I need to share!  In the next few weeks here are a few things that will be rolling out.

– My word for the year (I know you can hardly wait)

– Atlanta Life (Its been almost 6 months y’all)

– Monday Moments (need to start that back up – with all its funny randomness)

all that and just a pinch more as I continue to write here to process and spur you on to grow in wisdom and build. 

Monday Moments


As I begin typing this it is 9:47pm and my bedtime is 10:00pm.  So I have about 10 minutes to say 2 words and elaborate on them.

We’re Exhausted

My husband worked a conference this past weekend and when i say worked i mean like he would leave at like 6:45am and not make it home til midnight.  We have one car so when he left I was pretty much homebound with 2 boys.

We’re Exhausted


I have opened my computer more than a few times today but it was never for the purpose of writing anything.  I checked Facebook and email and blogs and I even researched a new theme design for my blog – but no writing happened.

We’re Exhausted

What I did accomplish today was watching the movie Mom’s Night Out!  Which was pretty funny and the main Mom character was a blogger who began the movie with 3 followers and after one post, ended the movie with 250:/

My brain does not want to think deep about anything.  I desire to finish strong with this series on change and transition and I will but .  .  .

We’re Exhausted

And i don’t want to throw together something for the sake of getting it done and its not helpful to anyone.  So I’m giving myself grace and rest.  So with that, its 10:02 and I’m about to go to bed, then wake up in the morning and NOT think about writing – just taking care of my husband, because he is not feeling well (y’all he worked hard this weekend) and clean my house and play with my boys.  I will be back soon to continue  the conversation on growing in the midst of change and transition.  We will be talking about Worry.